I make installations that capture and digitally replicate an analogue experience and the sensory condition from which it is produced.

My research has been focused around the replication of sensory environmental inputs. I look at systems of making and the metamorphosis of skill, and visualise the made object as a synthetic and symbiotic product of Maker, process and biophysical environment.

I work with generative electronic systems that use sensors and repurposed electronic objects to monitor and digitally reproduce environmental variations in the immediate surroundings.

Each system behaves as an electronic network of cause and effect that transforms information from organic to electronic (inorganic) form. Each system is designed to respond to a particular sensory input. In doing so, the information is necessarily distorted and recycled back into the same environment for re-interpretation by the same system.

I use hand made and recycled electronic objects, sensors, microcontrollers and off-grid technologies to create modular systems. The systems are playful and self-sufficient so the electricity is contained and quantifiable within the same input-output cycle. I am interested in how generative, off-grid technologies can be meaningfully situated within urban spaces where the energy produced is directly fed back into a quantifiable electronic action for viewer (human) experience.

I am interested in the transduction of elemental energy into electricity, the mutation of sensory information through a digital sieve and the translation of human experience in a digital brain.